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What’s the Point?

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Philosophy
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As I have grown older, I find that many ideas I held have changed and many have been reinforced by my associations, readings, and experience.  Currently, as I write this first post, my grandson is just 5 years old.  My wife and I get to “play” with him four days a week and his questions over his talking years have been those fundamental kinds of questions, that if taken seriously, caused me to re-think ideas I had about what the world is really about.

I would encourage anyone who wishes to explore meaning in life to take seriously the questions of the very young and try to provide truth as best you can.  It is a humbling experience to discover with all your experience how little you really know.

I have lots of opinions.  Who doesn’t?  But what do I KNOW?  I mean, what do I know as in “REALLY KNOW FOR SURE?”  I have come to understand that I KNOW only one thing for sure which is that I don’t KNOW anything else.  So, the rest of what I blog of necessity are only opinions, some of which might sound like knowledge, but in the end, are only opinions.

So what is the point? We are our opinions.  Opinions are not “TRUTH”, only opinions.  But, your opinions and my opinions can change other people’s opinions, can alter what seems to represent reality.  So, we communicate to change others and ourselves, for better or for worse.  So, choose to enjoy the journey.