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Time Compression (poem)

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Philosophy, Uncategorized
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Life Times
By Cecil Denney

There was a time when a year seemed like a life time.
I think it must have been when I was one.
There was a time when my age reached nine.
That year the year was a much shorter one.

When I was seventy, one year went by like a flash.
I was sixty only one seventh of my life ago.
So it occurs to me that time is a miss-mash,
measured by life-times that seem so slow.

Does it not seem that time speeds up as you grow old?
To wait a year when your only one
Is to wait for a very long time as you are told
It is just a short time till your two my son.

But to wait a year when you are seventy in years
is to wait but a brief spell,
for seventy one arrives amid birthday cheers
so quickly its hard to tell.

And history plays tricks on you as you age as well.
As a teen times past were “like ancient history.”
But at seventy one you can not seem to tell
how close they have become. Its such a mystery.

That war long past now seems so current to me
but to the young, it seems so, so long ago.
I think I measure time in lifetimes you see,
which now seems to measure everything I know.

Its not the clock’s seconds and hours that measure time.
Its not the day or month or year that matters.
Its how long you have lived your life sublime.
Now my thought of time is left in tatters.

As “ancient history” grows closer to me
as measured by life times ago
I marvel at times variability you see
as I older and older I grow.

So think for yourself how time affects your thinking
and see if you don’t agree with me
that time is measured by life experience, linking
us with the past more closely. Don’t you agree?