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Please read the first part of this two part blog.  Star Dust

First a couple of facts (as opposed to beliefs).  No one can prove there is a GOD.  It is also true that no one can prove there is NOT a GOD.  Yes, I know there are those who claim to have “experienced” the presence of what they BELIEVE (with all their hearts) was God.  They can cite the difference in their lives as evidence of the experience, but they can’t give you the experience they had.  Unfortunately, we are all isolated creatures, capable of communication, but that communication, at its very best, can only communicate an approximate facsimile of the experience, not proof.  Enough of that, my position should be clear.

Yet, I have the experience of God every day. When I think about the implication of being star dust (see Star Dust blog) I see there is some underlying force of nature that allows, indeed fosters the creation of elements that in all their richness have the capacity to form into organized structures.  Obviously they organize into stars.  We have learned that exploding stars broadcast higher level elements.  We have learned that these tend to “gravitate” toward each other and under the influence of greater and greater collections, form planets.  We have come to understand that if these planets are just the right distance from the galaxy center and just the right distance from a supporting star, and rotate just the right amount, they are capable of collecting liquid water.  When there is liquid water, we have learned elements can collect in the presence of solar and planet heat, form collections capable of replicating themselves with the ultimate outcome of becoming what we call living systems, interdependent on the environment that supported their development.

I call this a Life Force, a fundamental structure, created in the big bang which has resulted in living systems that can exchange information, learn, grow, and come to understand, at least at some primitive level, the very system that created them.  So, to me, I see this Life Force as the embodiment of what people call God.  I have found, in my own spiritual practices with people in a liberal protestant setting, that I can share in worship understanding what some people see as an external reality they call their God by mentally substituting my understanding of this grand, magnificent Life Force.  As I pray, I understand that I seek to complement, not work against this Life Force.  I feel morally responsible to sustain the capabilities of this planet.  I celebrate the scientific discoveries that inform our understanding of our place in the universe all the way down to my own family dynamics.  When I see a beautiful sunset or peaceful lake, or snow on the tree branches, I can celebrate the fact that I have been given the chance to experience this Life Force personally.

And I also can feel anger and even rage when I see actions that through ignorance or selfishness lead to thwarting this Life Force in the here and now.  I get frustrated when people ignore this Life Force and seek their own personal pleasure and gain at the expense of others.  In other words, my moral capacity is not diminished by this understanding and the fact that this Life Force has a cycle that will one day deny my ability to participate.  It is the kingdom of god here and now that we are all given by this undeserved gift of life.  How will be respond?  Will we resist or conspire to support the Life Force for all of life’s creation and creatures?

Is There A God?

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Philosophy, Religion, Science
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This is slightly different than the question “Does God Exist?”  Partially it is different because there are many different concepts of God and you would have to be clear what your definition of God was in order to know about “existence.”  Furthermore, your definition is going to be inadequate if your God is supernatural, that is above the laws as understood today by humankind.  That is because your definition is limited to your ability to craft words that try to define something that is beyond words.  So while “existence” is hard to answer,  the answer to the question I have proposed, “Is their a God?” is easily answered.  Yes, many. In my first blog, I talked about “knowledge” and the fact that I don’t “KNOW” but the one fact that I don’t KNOW anything else.  Given that, I highly suspect no one else “knows” anything either.  It is all a matter of guesses and opinions formed out of our experiences, including scientific experimental conclusions.  Never-the-less, I will share my opinions.

“Entropy is the tendency (or force if you will) to decrease the organization or complexity of systems. Anti-entropy is the opposite tendency which is to increase the organization of systems.”  Essentially, scientist believe the universe is “running down”; all the stars will burn out and things will approach absolute zero.  Obviously, not for a long long time, but that is entropy at work.  Yet, there is lots of anti-entropic activity going on as well.  It is hard to imagine, but from the beginning so called Big Bang, totally inert atomic particles organized themselves into elements and elements into structures that have the characteristic we call “life.”

So, the mental model I have of god is this “life force”, played out over billions of years resulting in the amazing organism (human being) that is capable of contemplating not only itself but also the forces which created it.  Somewhere I heard it said that “Humans are the universe trying to understand itself.”  It is a creative force somehow built into the laws that control the universe.  It is not clear to me that it has a purpose in the cause-effect sense, but from an evolutionary sense, it clearly moves, somewhat haltingly, toward greater and greater anti-entropic forms.

Each person has some kind of model of reality that includes elements of awe and worship, not always healthy, but present.  And as our models of reality are subject to change, so is our model of our god.  If revelation is taking place, it is the creative nature of this life force that continues to reveal itself through continual creation itself.  No one knows what the future may bring.  Who or what is your god like?

What’s the Point?

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Philosophy
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As I have grown older, I find that many ideas I held have changed and many have been reinforced by my associations, readings, and experience.  Currently, as I write this first post, my grandson is just 5 years old.  My wife and I get to “play” with him four days a week and his questions over his talking years have been those fundamental kinds of questions, that if taken seriously, caused me to re-think ideas I had about what the world is really about.

I would encourage anyone who wishes to explore meaning in life to take seriously the questions of the very young and try to provide truth as best you can.  It is a humbling experience to discover with all your experience how little you really know.

I have lots of opinions.  Who doesn’t?  But what do I KNOW?  I mean, what do I know as in “REALLY KNOW FOR SURE?”  I have come to understand that I KNOW only one thing for sure which is that I don’t KNOW anything else.  So, the rest of what I blog of necessity are only opinions, some of which might sound like knowledge, but in the end, are only opinions.

So what is the point? We are our opinions.  Opinions are not “TRUTH”, only opinions.  But, your opinions and my opinions can change other people’s opinions, can alter what seems to represent reality.  So, we communicate to change others and ourselves, for better or for worse.  So, choose to enjoy the journey.