People as Corporations

Posted: October 15, 2015 in Philosophy

Corporations are not people.  They are superior to people.  They have rights people don’t have.  They are not treated the way living human beings are treated.  So why can’t we all benefit from this superior existence.

There could be advantages to society if individual persons could incorporate themselves as a corporation.  It seems to me we could get rid of all the prisons.  Corporations are not put in jail or executed, they are just fined if they break a law or even kill people.  Corporations are not required to be sequestered and prevented from doing business for a certain time as their penalty for breaking the law.  People are jailed; corporations are fined.

This is something that might be fleshed out in more imaginative ways.  Exactly how many benefits do corporations have that are denied to “real” persons?  How could this fiction of corporations as persons be exploited to disrupt this fiction?

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