Plant or Harvest

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Environment, Philosophy

It seems that in every age, the people of that age have a sense of being important, of being key to what the future will bring, of being at the center, of being the ones to make decisions that will determine the future. There is a sense of self-importance.

I know how I view my own life. I am concerned about the legacy I leave behind for my children, grand children, and their progeny. When we think about how our own existence can be traced back generations upon generations to the actions of a line of living human beings and the decisions they made, we may wonder about their decisions.  Maybe their decisions were thoughtfully implemented. Maybe our own existence is the result of some unthinking action that by accident avoided dieing before one of our ancestors was conceived. Or maybe somewhere in our line of ancestors, a momentary lapse of judgment and lust conceived another of our ancestors.

I know, because I was told, that I was an accident of familial affection. I was not planned for. I am like a weed blown in from an adjacent field. I am determined to be a beneficial weed and in my own passing of genetic material to be a weed that has a positive impact on the future.

We really are not at the grand center of history. We are just one step in a long line, destined to become long ago ancestors, forgotten, but yet seeds of ideas, decisions, good works, and even genetic material.

Do we plant seeds for the next generation to harvest, or are we just living off the seeds of our ancestors and our Mother Earth, just harvesting where we did not sow, exhausting resources we did not create.  We are making day to day decisions on whether to plant for the future or harvest what others planted.  Unfortunately, many of us today do not see themselves in the context of centuries, only in the next quarterly report.

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