Is There A God?

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Philosophy, Religion, Science
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This is slightly different than the question “Does God Exist?”  Partially it is different because there are many different concepts of God and you would have to be clear what your definition of God was in order to know about “existence.”  Furthermore, your definition is going to be inadequate if your God is supernatural, that is above the laws as understood today by humankind.  That is because your definition is limited to your ability to craft words that try to define something that is beyond words.  So while “existence” is hard to answer,  the answer to the question I have proposed, “Is their a God?” is easily answered.  Yes, many. In my first blog, I talked about “knowledge” and the fact that I don’t “KNOW” but the one fact that I don’t KNOW anything else.  Given that, I highly suspect no one else “knows” anything either.  It is all a matter of guesses and opinions formed out of our experiences, including scientific experimental conclusions.  Never-the-less, I will share my opinions.

“Entropy is the tendency (or force if you will) to decrease the organization or complexity of systems. Anti-entropy is the opposite tendency which is to increase the organization of systems.”  Essentially, scientist believe the universe is “running down”; all the stars will burn out and things will approach absolute zero.  Obviously, not for a long long time, but that is entropy at work.  Yet, there is lots of anti-entropic activity going on as well.  It is hard to imagine, but from the beginning so called Big Bang, totally inert atomic particles organized themselves into elements and elements into structures that have the characteristic we call “life.”

So, the mental model I have of god is this “life force”, played out over billions of years resulting in the amazing organism (human being) that is capable of contemplating not only itself but also the forces which created it.  Somewhere I heard it said that “Humans are the universe trying to understand itself.”  It is a creative force somehow built into the laws that control the universe.  It is not clear to me that it has a purpose in the cause-effect sense, but from an evolutionary sense, it clearly moves, somewhat haltingly, toward greater and greater anti-entropic forms.

Each person has some kind of model of reality that includes elements of awe and worship, not always healthy, but present.  And as our models of reality are subject to change, so is our model of our god.  If revelation is taking place, it is the creative nature of this life force that continues to reveal itself through continual creation itself.  No one knows what the future may bring.  Who or what is your god like?

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